Portage Rod & Gun Club

Club Rules

Club Rules:


Member: Is any member in good standing with the club.

Membership Card: Identifies members in good standing .

Guest: Any “Non-Member” on club property properly accompanied by a “Member."

Visitor: Any unaccompanied “Non-Member” on club property.

Gun Rack: Any fabricated structure, designed to store/hold firearms when not in use, in a safe orientation.

ECI (Empty Chamber Indicator): Any flag (safety) device inserted into the action and or chamber of a firearm, that is immediately identifiable by a bystander and indicates that the chamber does not contain a cartridge.

Range Safety Officer (RSO): Portage Rod and Gun Club does not have full time RSO(s). In our case this could be a club officer, a law enforcement officer or DNR official who just showed up to make sure everyone is safe, or a regular member who has taken charge of the situation in the absence of the above. The bottom line is, if someone is acting as an RSO, their commands are the law.

Firing Line: The forward-most portion of the shooting area, where all firing takes place.

Impact Berm: This is a raised earth hill and is the area where a fired projectile should contact after passing through a target.

Protective Berm: These are special barricades designed to protect people and equipment. The dividing walls on the pistol range would qualify as a “Protective Berm." Care must be taken to avoid hitting/shooting these berms. Under no circumstances should a target ever be attached to these walls.

Grounded Firearm: This is a condition where the firearm is unloaded, made safe and placed on the bench, placed in a gun rack, or cased. There should be no human contact with the firearm when it is grounded.

Cold/Clear Range: This is a “Cold “ range where all shooters have cleared the firing line, no firearms are being handled, and it is safe (“Clear”) to go down range.

Hot Range:  Firearms should only be handled, loaded, and fired while at the firing line and only when the range is "Hot."

Hot Table:  A bench where you may load or unload your carry weapon.

Ceasefire: When a “Ceasefire is called, the range immediately goes “Cold." Immediately stop shooting, unload your firearm (magazine out, action open and empty chamber) and make it safe. Ground your firearm and do not handle it. A cease fire is usually called mutually when targets need to be put up, changed, or checked. A ceasefire should be called immediately, whenever safety is in question.

Sky Drawing: The practice of drawing a bow back while the arrow is aimed above the target, before lowering the aim point down onto the target

Membership Rules

  • Active Military Personnel on leave, may use the clubs ranges without being encumbered with membership and do not need to be accompanied by an active member.  All we ask is that you do us the courtesy of having your credential and leave pass on your person.  (Range rules must still be observed.)
  • Only members in good standing are allowed to use the Archery, Rifle, and Pistol ranges, or hunt on club property with the following exceptions.
  • Members are allowed to escort a non-member (guest/companion) on club property and the guest may use the ranges when all of the following conditions have been met:
    • The guest must be accompanied by an active member in good standing (no exceptions).
    • Guests must contact a board member in advance to obtain a one day membership.  Cost of the one day membership will be $10.00.
    • Guests using the club under a one day membership are not allowed hunting privilege on club property.
    • Violation of these rules will subject the offending individual to Wisconsin Trespass Law.
  • Non-Members are allowed to use the trap fields, skeet fields, participate in sporting clays, or any other event where rounds are charged and paid per event. These are scheduled events and the club must be open for business.
  • Annual club membership is from January 1st through December 31st.
  • Portage Rod and Gun Club does not pro-rate memberships.
  • Members should have their membership card on their person and be prepared to present it, along with picture ID, when asked to do so.
  • All members are required to work a minimum of four(4) hours per membership to remain in good standing at the gun club.
  • Any member may be expelled from the club, have their membership revoked, and be brought before the board of directors for: Destruction of club property (by any means); Poor Sportsmanship; Unbecoming Conduct; Violation of Club Regulations; or Any Action Considered by the Board of Directors to be Detrimental to the Welfare of the Portage Rod and Gun Club.
  • Absolutely no pets are allowed inside the clubhouse.

Archery Range Rules

  • Sky Drawing is not allowed.

  • Only field points or target arrows may be shot at club targets.

  • Archers sharing a target shall designate a common Firing Line.

  • All relevant range rules, are applicable to the archery range, by substituting archery terminology.

Range Rules (applies to all ranges)

  • The first rule and priority of the range is Safety.
  • Shooting hours are from 8:00AM until dusk.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Membership rules apply to all ranges.

  • All Federal, State, and Local firearms laws must be obeyed.

  • All universal/fundamental firearms safety rules are to be practiced at all times.

  • All ranges are to remain “Cold," until by mutual and unanimous consent of all shooters, or an RSO, they are declared “Hot."

  • Handling, loading, and firing cannot commence until the range is declared “Hot."

  • Portage Rod and Gun Club does not utilize any full time Range Safety Officers (RSO). We expect every member to police themselves and to control the environment around them.

  • “Ceasefires"  may be called by mutual consent of all shooters on the line, by an RSO, or immediately by anyone if safety warrants it. Any command of “Ceasefire” needs to be immediately obeyed by all shooters.

  • No one is allowed down range until the range is declared “Cold” and “Clear” by mutual and unanimous consent of all shooters, or an acting RSO. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure the firing line is safe before anyone goes forward of the firing line.

  • Tracer, Incendiary, Armor Piercing, and Steel Core ammunition are strictly prohibited.

  • Portage Rod and Gun Club reserves the right to inspect any firearm or ammunition being used on the ranges.

  • Cross firing of targets is not allowed.

  • All firing needs to be aimed fire. Rapid Fire or Bump Fire is allowed. But only to the extent that all shots remain aimed. You will be asked to leave if someone sees you spraying bullets outside of your target zone and dispensary action may be explored by the Board of Directors.

  • All fired projectiles must come to rest in the “Impact Berm” immediately after passing through the target. Target holders should be adjusted to ensure this.  No projectiles should contact the ground prior to entering the berm. Skipping or ricocheting projectiles into the berm is not allowed.

  • No targets are to be placed on top of or near the top of the berm.
  • Pistol range divider walls are not to be shot at or into.  They are designed to be a safe barrier between seperate ranges only.
  • All targets should be constructed to allow projectiles to pass straight through to the berm.  No glass, plastic containers, or metal objects are to be used as targets.   Explosive targets are not allowed.
  • Metal targets expressly constructed for the purpose of shooting sports may be used.  Examples include spinners, silhouettes, gongs and poppers.  Targets must be made of metal appropriate for the firearm, such as AR400 steel, AR500 steel, or appropriate steel targets for rimfire calibers.
  • All metal targets must be in good condition with a smooth surface to reduce the risk of lead debris being deflected back toward the shooter.
  • Metal targets for pistol caliber firearms must be placed a minimum of 15 yards (45 feet) or further away from the firing point and be engaged ONLY with pistol calibers.  Ammunition used to engage metal pistol targets must bot exceed a muzzle velocity of 1,500 feet per second.
  • Metal targets for rifle caliber firearms must be placed a minimum of 100 yards (300 feet) from the firing point.  Any metal targets engaged by a centerfire rifle must have a velocity of less than 3,000 feet per second at impact.
  • Steel targets must be mounted on a stand and oriented at 90 degrees to the ground or angled so that debris and spatter deflected are directed downward towards the ground.  They are not allowed to be laid directly on the ground or berm, or propped such that any debris is deflected upward.

  • Alcoholic beverages and other controlled substances are not permitted on the range. Use of alcohol and or controlled substances before or while shooting is prohibited.

  • Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection (“Eyes and Ears”) are mandatory on all ranges. This includes spectators. Please remember to bring these items with you.

  • Practice proper range etiquette and be courteous to other shooters. Watch where your empty cases go. The shooter next to you will not like your hot cases bouncing off him/her or their equipment.

  • You are responsible for picking up your empty cases.  You may keep any brass that you bring. Cases on the range, or in collection containers, are the property of the club and are not to be taken. Containers will be provided for shotgun hulls, brass cases, steel cases, and aluminum cases. Please sort your cases into the correct container. These containers are for cases only, not general trash.

  • All members are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. If you brought it with you, take it with you when you leave. Paper or cardboard only, may be placed in the burn barrel located between the two middle trap houses. Only club officers are allowed to burn this trash.

  • The Portage Rod and Gun Club's Board of Directors reserves the right to modify or make exceptions (on a case-by-case basis) to these rules at any time.

  • It is the member's responsibility to know and review all of the current rules.

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